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Ce programme sert lors de l'installation des logiciels à décocher automatiquement les programmes complémentaires et inutiles voulant s'installer.

Available files for Unchecky:
File's title (size)Modified onDownloadsMD5, SHA1
Unchecky 1.2 (1.3 MB)2018-04-08 at 20:28:15384
unchecky_setup.exemd5: 51e748220686d15e0275ca9984d5972e
sha1: 7b3fcf37990e1c0500dc55a0edbdbbea2d916eba
Other infos:
Official website:http://unchecky.com/
Total number of downloads: 515
Total number of visits: 945
Article number (category): A66 (Sécurité/entretien)
Last change: By Corentin (2018-04-08 at 20:28:05)


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