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This website was born on 2015-05-25 named Accessibilité Programmes.
It has been renamed ProgAccess33 on 2016-09-19, and finally, its name has been shortened again to became ProgAccess with the V15.0 on 2017-09-09.
This website comes from the Corentin's desire (a blind high school student) to share his passion and to gather in one place the softwares accessible by blind people and by everybody.

During summer 2018, many changes came: in August, the source code has been published under GNU AGPL license, so the website is a free (libre) software. Later in the same month, the team start translating the site, beginning with Italian, Esperanto, English and Spanish. Michel Such gave the website NVDA-FR to us, and a dedicated website is created for the AccessiKey.

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