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Ce logiciel sert tout simplement à extraire les pistes d'un CD au format MP3 ou WAV.
Lors de l'installation décocher les cases ne servant pas à ce programme.

Available files for CDex:
File's title (size)Modified onDownloadsMD5, SHA1
CDex 2.18 portable (2.0 MB)2019-06-03 at 06:38:27140
CDexPortable_2.18_online.paf.exemd5: 305b42d7f8dd8a483764b7ef0fcf334f
sha1: 04a3f26716264d159e64800bae1f511ced674d6e
CDex 2.18 (20.9 MB)2019-05-16 at 13:21:241348
CDex-2.18.exemd5: f9feb4ff4adc404daf3c4307ffd7c32e
sha1: 8e13a9ea59bd7e41448613ae39bbf9e6d235ec70
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Total number of downloads: 4701
Total number of visits: 1140
Article number (category): A8 (Multimédia)
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